Bye Laws

By: Syed Ali Mohiudddin Mahboob Qadri

President, Youth wing

Mohi Academy

1)      Members of the Academy are of four types:-
i)        Executive Committee Members:  Such members who were with the Academy since its inception and those new members who have been selected by the Executive Committee unanimously with the consent of the President shall be Executive Committee Members.
ii)      Working Committee Members:  Those non-executive members who joined the Academy much later but fullfilling all membership requirements similar to executive members are given the status of Working Committee Members.
iii)    General Members: Those members who are joining the Academy after 2010 will be called as General members.(Those who wish to join the Academy may fillup form online by clicking this link and for more information contact
iv)    Honorary Members:  The persons who are not members of the Academy but wish to work for the aims and objectives of Academy under its banner will be given the status of honorary members.

2)      The governing body of the Academy will have the right to formulate new rules and regulations as and when required with the consent of the president. Its decision shall be final.

3)      The president is fully authorized to entrust any post to any member. No member is entitled to raise any objection in this regard.

4)      Every member (except Honorary) has to pay the membership fee (INR 50.00 or USD 2.00 Only) every month.  If any non-member wish to participate in any activity of the Academy Physically or Financially, he is welcomed.

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