By: Syed Qadir Mohiuddin

Gen. Secretary

Mohi Academy

Mohi Academy's name is derived from the name of His Holiness Hazrat Syed Shah Mohiuddin Husaini Qadri (Alias Chand Pasha)Rh., the holy saint belonging to the famous Sufi Family of Hyderabad, i.e., The family of Hazrat Syedna Khaja Mahboobullah Rh. This family, which is famous for its strict adherence to Shari’at laws, Sunnat and Islamic jurisprudence, has produced such luminaries as Hazrat Syed Ahmed Ali Shah Rh., Hazrat Syed Mahmood Makki Rh., Hazrat Syed Omer Husaini Rh.,  Hazrat Syed Osman Husaini Rh., Hazrat Syed Yahya Pasha Rh., Hazrat Syed Baqer Husaini Rh., Hazrat Abdul Qadeer Siddiqui Hasrat Rh., Hazrat Abdul Muqtadir Siddiqui Rh., Hazrat Syed Mohammed Pasha Husaini Rh., etc. who have played prominent and pivotal role in shaping the destiny of millions of people and quenched their thirst for divinity, solace, and prosperity. Insha Allah, their work will not stop and they will continue to serve the humanity till the dooms day as is evident by millions of people thronging to their shrines regularly, for peace and tranquility.


    Initially the principal aim of forming the Academy was to make available the life history and teachings of the holy saint Hazrat Syedna Khaja Mahboobullah Rh., and his family to the millions of disciples spread worldwide and others to know the celebrity status and high order of their holy saints and to inculcate their teachings. Now, the Academy has decided to expand its activities by communicating the correct message of Islam which is based on peace, tranquility and brotherhood.  Also, today Muslim youth are being misguided by some ignorant and self-made scholars by virtue of which their are getting confused. This is being done with misinterpretations of Holy Quran and Hadees. It is a tough task and required grit and determination to initiate the work but the Academy has initiated it seeking divine help and started to clear their doubts and satisfy them in the light of Quran and Sunnah. Moreover, the Academy wants to guide the youth in their educational and professional endeavours so that they become self-reliant in their day to day lives and concentrate fully and peacefully in serving their religion. For this purpose, It has not only decided to avial the services of feild experts but also to utilise the present means of Information Technology as the advancement in this feild has enabled rapid means of communication.


    Reverend Dr Ahmed Hambali, an erudite scholar and poet of high repute and an emblem of simple living and high thinking, Hall mark of Hazrat Mahboobullah family, to which he belongs to, was chosen for this work. He was instrumental in motivating the members for forming the Academy and impressed upon them the various activities the Academy will take in future.


   Despite humble begining, the Academy stood its ground with just 6 members continued to work with zeal. The intention has motivated the members and attracted others, which was based on sincerity and honesty.


            The foundation of Mohi Academy (informally) was already laid when Hazrat Syed Mohiuddin Husaini (rh) initiated the teaching of Quran i.e. Tafseer, Fiqh and Hadees at Riaz-e-Madina, Misrigunj, and Qazipura Hyderabad and quenched the thirst of many disciples by his invigorating style and kindled the touch of learning. His work is being successfully carried forward by his successor Hazrat Syed Mohammed Siddiq Husaini. (the activities of Holy saints are meant for good purpose and these became the precursor for future activities of Mohi Academy)


            Hazrat Ahmed Hambali, a doctor of philosophy and a distinct Islamic scholar in Hambali jurisprudence, grandson of Hazrat Syed Mohiuddin Husaini, founded the Mohi Academy (formally with reg.1119) with sole purpose of fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of Hazrat Qibla i.e. to spread the teachings of Quran, Fiqh, Hadees and life history of Hazrat Khaja Mahboobullah and his family and their teachings. (Osmania University, Hyderabad has awarded him doctorate degree in the year 2003 for the research work carried out by him on The Literal and scholastic contributions of the family of Hazrat Khaja Mahboobullah). By the launching of these websites the life history and teachings of Holy saint Hazrat Khaja Mahboobullah and his family were made available to the people of world at large.


             People who took the Academy very cavalierly and thought it will go in oblivion, soon realized their folly and wanted to join the Academy in its hour of glory but the Academy drove home the point that large membership or huge donations are alone not enough to sustain any institution but only the blessings of Almighty Allah and the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) and sincerity of purpose, dedication and hard work will give long life and eternity.

    Mohi Academy also believes in team work and always welcomed suggestions and opinions from its members for carrying out difficult activities of the Academy. Also, no individual is highlighted in the entire web activities but only the Academy is given prominence.


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