Aims & Objectives

By: Syed Mohd Yahya

Asst. General Secretery

Mohi Academy

  • The principal objective of the Academy is to focus attention to the life history and teachings of Hazrat Syedna Khaja Mahboobullah and his family along with their spiritual and literal contributions. For achieving this objective Reverend Dr Ahmed Hambali, the vibrant and dynamic President, launched websites, under the banner of Academy with the help of Academy members Mr. M. A. Razzaq and Mr. S. Wiquar Ahmed. These sites are lauded by many people all over the world as they got easy access to the life history and teachings of the great and reverend Islamic saints.


  • Having received good response after the launching of the above mentioned websites, preparations are underway to launch


  • One of the important objectives of the academy is to educate muslim youth about the correct faith and motivate them to work for Ahle Sunnat.


  • To hold Seminars, Mushaeras and publish books and periodicals on various subjects pertaining to religion in general and holy saints (Aulia Allah) in particular.


  • In order to promote religious harmony, peaceful co-existence and preach universal brotherhood, efforts are having made to clear doubts and misgivings about Islamic faiths and beliefs and present the correct picture and true spirit of the religion through lectures, printing of books and preparation of CDs etc.


  • To start a reading room where books on different topics pertaining to Islam and life history and teachings of Hazrat Khaja Mahboobullah and his family will be made available for all. Manuscripts, papers, poems and other important material belonging to Hazrat Khaja Mahboobullah and his family will be kept for the purpose of disciples in particular and others in general.


  • To take up the work of Translation of various important Islamic books and teachings of Holy Saints in different languages for its vast audience.


  •  To repudiate the various onslaughts on Islam and Prophet through speeches, articles and seminars though pamphlets and websites.


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